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Entre dos aguas
Isaki Lacuesta, Spain, 2018
with Israel Gómez Romero, Francisco José Gómez Romero c6.5

The two teenage brothers from La leyenda del tiempo twelve years later: Isra, father of three, is kicked out by his wife after serving a prison sentence. Cheíto returns home to his family from one of his long assignments in the Navy, where he is supposed to finance his own bakery. In the poor, enchantingly barren lagoon landscape of San Fernando, the two of them discuss how to go on and celebrate life with their families and wild friends. Among all the other unsolved questions is whether they still want to avenge the violent death of their father, who overshadowed their childhood.


New in the Flatrate

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Laurent Herbiet, 2019 c7.2

He was the greatest cinematic genius, capable of provoking both laughter and fear. At his last public appearance, “Hitch” paid homage to Alma Reville Hitchcock – his co-scriptwriter, editor, mother of his child, life partner. Through the lens of this collaborative relationship, this film examines the legend himself.

Claude Goretta, 1973 c7.0

After the death of his mother, a middle-aged insurance salesman inherits her small cottage. Selling the cottage, which is attractively located near the center of a big city, makes him a rich man and he buys a large house in the countryside. The salesman then decides to throw a big garden party and invite all his colleagues from the office. Loosened by large amounts of alcohol, the guests gradually shed all their inhibitions and reveal their innermost frustrations.

Quite normal eccentrics

Iceland: Six films from the land of wonderful stubbornness

Grímur Hákonarson, 2015
Aout two stubborn old brothers and the sheep they are trying to save.
A White, White Day
Hlynur Pálmason, 2019
A policeman develops a jealous obsession after his wife's death.
Woman at War
Benedikt Erlingsson, 2018
A choir leader fights environmental sinners with bow and arrow.
Of Horses and Men
Benedikt Erlingsson, 2013
Five whimsical episodes about people, horses and binoculars.
The County
Grímur Hákonarson, 2019
A farmer's widow defies a corrupt milk cooperative.
Rúnar Rúnarsson, 2019
Iceland at Christmas time in 56 small dramas and everyday scenes.
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